Z Scale Ranch House No 1 Kit


Imagine a street filled with little houses of different colors, their driveways side-by-side as though they've paired off for a dance. Paw of a Bear's Ranch House No. 1 will allow you to build the perfect suburban street scene. The house is typical of modest suburban homes from the 1950's to the present day.

The kit comes in mirroring styles. Kit #26002L has the driveway situated on the left-hand side of the building. The picture window is covered by an eave which juts out on the left side of the building. Kit #26002R has its driveway on the right-hand side and is a mirror image of Kit #26002L.

The kits include the following:

  • detailed Lazerboard windows & doors
  • 1/64" birch plywood roof (scribed to ease shingle application)
  • 1/64" birch plywood trim
  • 1/32" birch plywood walls scribed with a brick foundation and wood work
  • a generous helping of laser cut three-tab shingles
  • an amazing herringbone brick walk and front stoop laser scribed into Lazerboard
  • laser cut brick chimney
  • exceptionally easy slot construction
  • 1/32" base/building jig
  • a "concrete" driveway of scribed Lazerboard
  • parts to make a porch lamp
  • optional door knobs
  • detailed directions
  • weathering tips and building techniques

Please note:  this kit is not meant for children.  It is an adult hobby product.  Contains small parts.  Potential choking hazard.  This product includes chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. In short, if you are thinking of buying this and putting it in your mouth.  Don't.

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