With the transfer from my previous webhost, the Frugal Scratchbuilder is temporarily in reduced circumstances while I reformat the tutorials for this site. Thank you for your interest.

Michael Duggan

The Frugal Scratchbuilder

I've always had more time than money to put into my hobbies so I've learned to be frugal with my modeling dollars. Now, remember that "frugal" doesn't mean cheap. It means using your resources wisely.

Over the years, I've read every article and book that I could get into my hands. I've been deeply influenced by the work of Earl Smallshaw, E. L. Moore, Ray Anderson, Lou Sassi, George Sellios, David Frary, Sheperd Paine, and many others.

Below you will find links to articles about the techniques that I use to make my model building more satisfying. Some of the ideas are old, others are new, all of them ones that I use on a regular basis. I hope that you will enjoy them.

How To ...

  1. make Corrugated Metal Roofing
  2. make Window-screen Windows
  3. use Masking Tape to Make Jigs

Paw of a Bear Kit Builds

  1. Z-Scale Curtis Bros. Plumbing Supply Build

Paw of a Bear News

link to the From the Paw of a Bear Blog

Some model railroading sites that I regularly read and highly recommend.

the Kit Forum Log and a link to the Kit Forums an excellent model railroading forum with information about all scales