Z Scale F Luvium Kit $34.99

F. Luvium Paddle Shop is based on a photograph of an Alaskan prototype. This false-front store could easily convert into any sort of rural store found throughout the rural Western United States. Take your pick of latinate or Anglo-saxon signs to add one of the oldest jokes in the book to your layout.

Frank Luvium opened his paddle shop straight out of high school. He'd always been a fan of canoeing and knew that no one wants to be stuck without a good paddle. Though Frank carries many brands, his favorites are Grandad's Paddles. Their motto "one to fit everyone" always reminded him of his own Grandpappy's vigorous way with words. Frank also carries a few canoes. His paddling buddy Barbara Wyre makes the boats that Frank likes best. Most of his customers feel the same.

F. Luvium Paddle Shop is based on a photograph of a Alaskan prototype general store and combined with one of the oldest jokes in the book. The kit comes with signs to make the latinate "F. Luvium" or the earthy Anglo-Saxon "Shit Creek".

The kits include the following:

  • two buildings - the main store and a rear storage shed
  • detailed Lazerboard windows, doors, and frames
  • 1/64" birch plywood roof (scribed to ease shingle application)
  • 1/64" birch plywood battens to make scale board and batten walls
  • stairs and building jigs
  • 1/32" scribed basswood walls
  • a generous helping of laser cut three-tab shingles
  • a generous helping of laser cut tar-paper roofing
  • metal and directions to make standing seam roofing
  • laser cut assortment of paddles for all sizes of canoeist
  • exceptionally easy slot construction
  • 1/8" Masonite base/building jigs
  • two laser cut benches
  • styrene tubing and directions to make a stovepipe
  • optional door knobs
  • detailed directions
  • weathering tips and building techniques

Please note:  this kit is not meant for children.  It is an adult hobby product.  Contains small parts.  Potential choking hazard.  This product includes chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. In short, if you are thinking of buying this and putting it in your mouth.  Don't.

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